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Hydration Test Kits with TGA approval.

Maintaining a safe and injury-free workplace isn’t the responsibility of a single manager or employee – the responsibility falls on all staff members, from management through to employees, to adhere to workplace health and safety regulations. These regulations can cover areas such as the safe use of machinery through to the consumption of alcohol on the premises and everything in between. All it takes is for a single employee to turn up drunk for the workplace to become unsafe and potentially lead to employee injury or worse. But these incidents can be prevented. Corporate Health & Safety stocks a selection of drug testing kits, breathalyzer test kits and other products to determine whether an employee or manager is fit for work. These test kits cover varying needs, with our range including:

  • Employee drug testing kits
  • Alcohol breathalyzer test kits
  • Hydration test kit TGA approved
  • Urine test kit TGA approved
  • And more

We pride ourselves on supplying saliva and urine test kit products that protect a person’s health as well as provide solutions to industrial workplace safety needs. In addition to workplace drug testing kits and breathalyzer test kits, our hydration test kit can determine whether a person is sufficiently hydrated or suffering from dehydration, while our urine test kit can measure the acidity levels in a person’s urine as well as its mineral composition. We also take care of the needs of your pets or livestock, with urinalysis and hydration kits designed specifically for use with animals. Speak to a specialist from Corporate Health & Safety today to learn more.

Why Choose Corporate Health & Safety?

With so many drug testing kits and hydration test kit products on the market, it can be daunting choosing the best one for your needs. At Corporate Health & Safety, we’ve positioned ourselves as one of the leaders in the market by:

  • Supplying products that comply with strict Australian standards
  • Offering a range that caters to all budgets and needs across the country
  • Providing safe and secure payment as well as fast nationwide delivery

Take advantage of the expertise and knowledge of the staff at Corporate Health & Safety when you purchase any of the products available from our website. We deliver across Australia, so whether you need alcohol breathalyzer test kits, a hydration test kit, a urine test kit or one of our many other products, there’s no better time than now to explore our range and buy online today.

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