AlcoSense Novo

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CHS Novo

The AlcoSense Novo alcohol tester fits snugly in your pocket and provides accurate readings and Australian Standard certified.Lifetime guarantee available upon regular calibration.

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AS3547 certified: AS3547:1997

Sensor type: Fuel cell sensor

Testing mode: Specific testing

Accuracy: ±0.01%BAC at 0.010%BAC

Response time: 22 seconds

Recovery time: 2 minutes

Calibration frequency: Unlimited tests, every 6 months

Display: Back-lit LCD

Power supply: AAA alkaline batteries x2

Weight: 84g including batteries

Dimensions: H: 11.4cm, W: 4.7cm, D: 2.4cm

Warranty: 3 years, extendable up to a lifetime under the Andatech Lifetime Guarantee

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