AlcoSense FR9000 Vehicle Interlock System

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For forklifts, machinery or automotive use:

The Vehicle Ignition Interlock Breathalyser FR9000 is a handheld breath alcohol analyser or breathalyser with a vehicle ignition system. The vehicle with the unit must complete a breath alcohol test with a result below a preset limit before they can start the vehicle. Installing the Car Ignition Interlock Breathalyser FR9000 is necessary to prevent alcohol-impaired persons from operating motor vehicles, heavy equipment or machinery. Therefore, it helps to safeguard others and prevent accidents caused by drink driving.

The FR9000 Interlock System with its microprocessor-controlled operation exceeds NHTSA specifications. The heated electrochemical fuel cell and breath sample path ways provide an extremely reliable and accurate measurement making it the most dependable and precise ignition interlock device offered on the market today.

Complex data retention capability and uploading features simplify data management and information analysis.

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