1. Drink Driving Law Changes

    New changes in laws soon to be introduced will see all Victorian drink drivers automatically losing their license and having an alcohol interlock device fitted into their car for at least six months.

    The law will affect any driver who blows over 0.05%BAC rather than 0.07%BAC.

    At the moment, only drivers with a reading greater than 0.07, repeat offenders and P and L-plate offenders are required to have the devices installed.

    Roads Minister Luke Donnellan hopes that this will reduce deaths on the state’s roads.

    For more information about this visit VicRoads Website.

  2. So What's a Standard Drink?

    In Australia, a standard drink is one that contains 10 grams (about 12.5ml) of alcohol. In other countries, this may be different; in the UK, the standard is 8 grams (10ml) of alcohol.

    Most beverages are labelled with a percentage of alcohol by volume (e.g. 5%) – so to calculate how many standard drinks a beverage has would involve some simple math. For example:

    A 375ml bottle of mid strength beer (2.7% alcohol) = 375 x 0.027 = 10.12ml alcohol
    10.12ml / 12.50ml = 0.81 standard drinks.

    A 150ml glass of wine (11.5% alcohol) = 180 x 0.115 = 17.25ml alcohol
    17.25ml / 12.50ml = 1.38 standard drinks.

    Here is a visual representation. 

    Whats does 1 unit of alcohol look like

  3. What do they test for?

    Drug Testing Kits used for workplace drug testing generally test for the six most commonly used illegal drugs.

    These include:

    • amphetamines
    • methamphetamines
    • cocaine
    • opiates
    • marijuana
    • benzodiazepines

    Drugs can affect us in different ways, and it varies from person to person. How a drug affects a person can depend on their weight, size, and health, their frequency in using their drug, and also the presence of any other drugs in their system. The effects are also dependent on the amount of drugs taken.

    With illegal drugs, it can be hard to judge how much has been taken because they are uncontrolled, and therefore the quality and strength of the drug varies from batch to batch.

    The effects of drugs, and the symptoms of coming down and withdrawal, can affect a person’s ability to work safely and effectively, which is why many organisations have a strict zero tolerance towards drugs and alcohol in the workplace.