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Very fast test.  Results typically ready in around 2 minutes!    

Incredibly easy to operate – error free test cup!

Built in tests for adulterants.

Also available with a synthetic THC/K2 test strip

The EcoCup is another excellent urine test set to the Australia Standards. It also tests for 6 drugs and includes a built in specimen validity test. This is a brand new product to Australia.

Test is very fast, and very easy to operate. Simply provide the specimen in the cup and cap it. Test runs automatically providing a result in 1-2 minutes.

Test for 6 drugs as per AS 4308 

- THC50 ng/ml (marijuana)

- COC300 ng/ml (cocaine/crack) 
- MET300 ng/ml  (Methamphetamines eg. ecstacy) 
- BZO200 ng/ml  (Benzodiazephines eg. valium) 

- OPI300 ng/ml  (Opiates eg. morphine, heroin)
- AMP 300 ng/ml (Amphetamines)

Also available with a synthetic THC/K2 test strip

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